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Vegetable Dip Mixes, Dessert Dip Mixes, Bread Oil Dipping Mixes,

Kentucky Bourbon Roasted Nuts


The more you buy the more you save! 

We are offering our show/event specials for online orders too.


Bourbon nuts - Buy 7 get 1 free! 

Dip mixes - You will receive 2 free packs if you order $40 (buy 8 get 2 free!).

Dip mixes - You will receive 4 free packs if you order $60 (buy 12 get 4 free!).

We will randomly pick the free packs for you to be included in the package, but if you have any specific requests you can email us at emmyandjgourmet@gmail.com to tell us.


 $15.00  -  PLUS SHIPPING
(Free dip packs are included to offset some shipping costs. You will receive 1 free dip mix for every $5 spent on shipping).  


Thank you for your support!

(NOTE:  Since these are food products, there can be no returns or refunds.)

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